2015 National League Impact Rookies

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Last week I wrote about the American League Impact Rookies and called that squad “flush with rookie talent”.  Well if the AL is flush, then the NL is “REALLY flush with talent”.  Yeah, I’m a writer…look at how I highlighted really…and even capitalized it.  A Pulitzer prize is clearly in my future.

Kidding aside, the talent is immense led by a pair of Cubbies in Jorge Soler and Kris Bryant.  While Bryant is the best prospect in the land, I actually think Jorge Soler will have a more impactful season.  Provided he can stay healthy, 25 home runs should be in the bank.  Bryant has got to hit his way onto the opening day starting lineup.  If he’s just ok in Spring Training, the Cubs will find a way to delay his clock to start him in the minors for at least two week.

It doesn’t stop there, Joc Pederson and…

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2014 Rule 4 Draft Picks to Target

This is dynasty gold!

The Dynasty Guru

Any idiot in your league can take a highlighter to a list of players drafted in the most recent June Amateur Draft and take the highest available player on the board when their turn comes in an amateur dynasty league draft.  You will watch in bemusement when that guy wastes a high pick on Kodi Medeiros this year.  Any experienced dynasty league owner knows that there can be a big difference between how an actual GM views amateur talent come draft time versus the way a dynasty league owner views the same talent.  For the purposes of this endeavor, we will be taking a look solely at players drafted the old fashioned way in June of last year, so no Cubans (whom are deserving of a separate post) or July 2nd players.

If you’ve already had your draft, now might be the time to approach a snoozing owner who might…

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