Lenny Melnick FSTA Hall of Fame Petition


Major League Fantasy Sports

What does it mean to be in the Hall of Fame? Does it mean anything to me? Does it mean anything to you?

Well, it means a lot to me.  That type of recognition would be humbling to most people no matter the field they were in. I have met many people in the Fantasy Sports world over the last 5 years and this past April I met Lenny Melnick. Over the last 6 months I have developed a level of respect for Lenny and I must say you will NEVER meet a more classy guy. I am here to explain why “I” believe he deserves the FSTA Hall of Fame nod and why others should support him. FSTA-Logo

In my opinion, anyone honored  with a Hall of Fame induction should also manifest exemplary character. Based on my experience, I can attest that Lenny’s character meets Hall of Fame criteria.  In early April, 2016…

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